4 Things to Prepare Before Applying for a Personal Loan

personal loanAre you in need of immediate financial aid for a home renovation, or another big-ticket purchase? A personal loan can be one of the best options when you need cash because of the relatively low interest rate. Additionally, applicants have a higher chance of getting approved if you meet the qualifications and follow the proper steps.

Every lender requires a set of papers and documents from applicants; this can help validate your trustworthiness as a borrower and check if you can pay the amount you are borrowing.

To apply, you’ll need the following documents:

  • Identification documents such as passport, driver’s license, social security card, or other proof of identity
  • Paycheck, filed tax returns, and other proof of income

  • Employer’s name, immediate supervisor’s name, and company contact numbers

  • Proof of billing showing with your residential address

Being complacent is the last thing you want to do when applying for a personal loan. Along with the hopes of getting approved, here are the things that you can do for a higher chance of getting personal loans in Athens, Alabama.

Anticipate your monthly pay

The lenders will entrust you with their money because you gave them reasons to believe that you are able to pay the money you borrowed. But are you sure you can afford to pay the money you are trying to ask from them?

Calculate the amount of money that you are looking at and consider the fees and interests on top of that. Ask the loan lender for an estimation of fees and use a loan calculator to determine your possible monthly pay. See if your monthly income will be able to keep up with that.

Check your credit record

Aside from your basic information, the next thing that the lenders would want to know is your credit score. Your credit score will determine how good you are as a loan payer and will also give them the idea if you will be capable of the money you are borrowing from them this time. Check if you have enough credit score and lower your credit amount as much as you can. If your credit score did not match your expected range, then ask for a copy of your credit record and check for any errors. If there are any, correct the errors immediately.

Know your options

Is a personal loan the best option you have yet? If you believe it is, then you should be familiar with entities that are offering personal loans. Banks may not be suitable for you if you have a bad credit score, same with online lenders. In this case, credit unions may be your last resort.

Meanwhile, a reputable cosigner may cover your bad credit score. If the lender does not allow it, you still have a chance. You can use your property, cars, and other possessions to support your application. In the worst case scenario, the lender will acquire your property in exchange for an unpaid loan.

Compare the lenders

Save yourself from the time and frustration of applying for a personal loan at the wrong place. Inform yourself of the difference between lenders. If you need it for your start-up business, know that some lenders won’t lend you money for that reason. There’s no point in putting all the energy and time into applying at the wrong lending company.


The key to getting accepted for a personal loan is to pre-consult the lending companies on their qualifications, the options that they provide, and their non-negotiables. Ensure that when getting any loan, you are not getting yourself into bigger trouble.

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