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At Athens Finance we understand the time sensitive need for help when short on funds. We strive to make same day installment loans with clear, straightforward repayment plans. We are not a payday or title lender. Whether you are looking to build or rebuild credit, consolidate a few bills, or are simply caught in a bind, we try to make the borrowing process quick and simple. Our staff is available five days a week, both in person and by phone.

Athens Finance is proud to be a local company servicing local residents. If you are interested in developing a relationship with our team you may begin your application here or calling 256-230-6764


Installment Loans

Get the Funds You Need with Installment Loans in Athens, AL

Athens Finance provides personalized installment loans to meet a wide variety of financial needs for Athens residents. Our experienced lending professionals take the time to understand your unique situation and design a customized loan plan to suit your budget and goals.

Installment loans offer clear repayment terms over a set period of time, with fixed regular payments and interest rates. Athens Finance can provide installment loans ranging from $500 to $5000, with flexible 3 to 24 month repayment periods. These loans serve many helpful purposes, including:

  • Covering unexpected expenses like medical bills
  • Consolidating higher-interest credit card balances
  • Funding home repairs or renovations
  • Financing the purchase of a used car
  • Paying for personal vacations and special projects

Our installment loans never have hidden or surprise fees. We aim to establish long-term banking relationships with our customers to assist with multiple needs over time. Discover why Athens Finance is Athens residents' most trusted provider of installment loans and financial services. Contact us today to learn more and begin your application!

personal loan

Benefit from Personal Loans Tailored to Your Needs

Athens Finance offers more than just installment loans. Our caring staff can advise you on special personal loan options customized for your unique financial situation. We take pride in listening and developing tailored solutions focused on benefiting you first as our valued customer.

From debt consolidation to improving your credit score to financing life events, Athens Finance has a personal loan program that serves Athens residents with flexibility and integrity. Personal loans available include:

  • Fixed rate loans with predictable payments
  • Flex loans allowing you to pay more when possible
  • Debt consolidation loans to reduce interest rates
  • Credit builder loans to establish positive payment history
  • Loans for special occasions like weddings or family travel

Our personal lending advisors clearly explain all rates and terms upfront so you can borrow confidently and repay responsibly. Discover the Athens Finance difference of responsive, dependable service. Contact us to learn more and take the first step toward the personal loan that meets your needs today.

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Your Privacy Matters to Us

Maintaining customer trust and confidence is central to how we operate at Athens Finance. We take privacy and responsible data practices very seriously and continually review policies to ensure utmost care of customers' personal information. Please take the time to review our privacy policy available online to understand how we collect, use, share, and protect individual data with high standards of ethics, transparency and security top of mind.

We only share customer information internally as needed for daily business functions and externally with careful discretion - either to deliver excellent service or to comply with laws and regulations. You can feel secure entrusting Athens Finance with sensitive information like social security numbers, income details, credit history and more.

Our entire team respects customers' privacy preferences and safeguards all data usage with integrity. Contact us today to learn more, review policies or begin your personalized loan application!

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We offer personalized installment loans and special personal loans tailored to each customer's needs, budget and financial goals. Installment loans feature fixed regular payments over a set repayment term, while personal loans can vary in structure.

Our loans provide transparent terms, reasonable interest rates and workable payment plans to suit different budgets and situations. We aim to establish long term banking relationships and provide dependable, compassionate service focused on customers’ best interests.

Installment loans work well for unexpected expenses, home repairs, debt consolidation, used cars, etc. Personal loans serve needs like building credit, paying for special events, taking a dream vacation and more unique cases.

We take privacy very seriously, safeguarding personal information based on strict company policies and practices aligned with legal data regulations. Customers can review our privacy policy online for full details.

It’s simple to get started! You can either begin the quick online application or call/visit our office to consult a lending specialist for personalized advice and to start the qualification process. We look forward to assisting you!

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